Discover the Nike Wakeskate team!

BRP has been involved with the evolution of wakeboarding and wakeskating since the sports’ infancies sponsoring the original Bud Wakeboard Tour in 1992 pulling athletes behind the Sea-Doo GTX watercraft. Since then the athletes and Sea-Doo watercraft have progressed with incredible techniques behind ever advancing technology.

Today BRP has partnered with the next generation of wake athletes to develop the most advanced personal watercraft, specifically designed for tow sports, the Sea-Doo WAKE 155 and WAKE PRO 215. This generation includes the Nike wakeskate team riders, Ben Horan, Matt Manzari, Andrew Pastura, Nick Taylor and Silas Thurman. These athletes are on a quest to advance their sport, bringing it to the masses and in the process help BRP develop the perfect PWC for boarders ranging from beginner to Pro.

The team has completed the “DOO IT” series of instructional wakeskate videos and explains how the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 watercraft helps them advance the sport. Click on any of the videos in the library to take your watersports fun to new heights.